Making the Decision

My RIFT account runs out May 28, 2012. I still haven’t decided yet whether I’ll bother keeping the subscription active, particularly in anticipation of Mists and Guild Wars 2’s release.

A part of me says “Oh, well, it’s just 10-12 bucks a month. Not a big deal. You spend that much on sodas and stuff at work!” Another part of me says, “But why spend money on something you don’t play? At least you drink those sodas and eat those snacks!”

There are so many things I like about Rift.  I love the Soul system that lets me build all sorts of different kinds of clerics, warriors, mages and rogues. Mage who can throw fireballs while doing some off-healing? Check. Cleric who can do considerable AOE healing while putting out good damage? Check. I really love the world events, chasing down invasions and rifts. The graphics look gorgeous on my computer; the armor designs are a cross between the fantastic and the realistic.

Ember Isle, one of the prettiest zones in Rift. Level 50 only!

I’ve been lucky enough to experience a large chunk of the raid content available in Rift – Greenscale’s Blight, Gilded Prophecy, River of Souls, Drowned Halls, and Rise of the Phoenix. It was well-designed and accessible to players of all skill levels, although most of the end bosses were difficult enough to require time to master.  When I saw the Tier 1 Raid content, I was with guildies who were geared for the cutting edge content (Hammerknell) and so there was a certain “farm content” ease to it, but we still wiped on bosses at times. Overall, the dungeon and raid content was fun and well-designed.

Ember Isle is a gorgeous zone, albeit difficult, with many interesting ruins to explore and tons of invasion-focus points to farm planarite and planar crafting materials.

I had a few minor gripes with the game: the focus on the “1 button” macro for some DPS classes, the heavy reliance on farming open-world currency for your planar essences/etc, the steep gearing-up curve for fresh lvl 50’s, and the lackluster economy.  But overall, my impression of Rift was positive.

And yet, I did not love the game.  I liked it, it was a nice diversion, but I did not love it. I have difficulty “getting into” the world. When I play Rift, I feel like I’m playing a computer game. I feel disconnected from my characters and their world.  I like “playing” my cleric, Sherwoode, but I don’t think I know her at all. I can’t imagine what she would be interested in or what she thinks of Telara. On the other hand, when I log into WoW, I feel more engaged in the world, even when I’m doing nothing.

I suspect it’s because I’m more  involved in WoW than Rift, both through roleplay and OOC social interactions. My characters have places in the game-world; my Cleric has never had such a home. The devil’s advocate would suggest that if I got more involved in Rift’s community, I might start feeling that connection.

And that’s the rub. Because at that point, the time requirement would become so high for both games that I’d start having to choose between WoW and Rift – and I’m not going to sacrifice the things I look forward to in WoW (RP, raids, etc) to invest myself more in Rift.

So, what does that mean for my subscription? It’ll probably run out on the 28th, and if I feel like playing again (perhaps during a new content release), I’ll probably re-up it.  It’s not really good-bye; it’s more “see you later.”

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