Deepholme, how I loathe thee

I’m back in Deepholme as a part of my “summer project” series. Over the next few months, my husband is taking morning classes and working the evening class shift at the University, so I’ll be on my own from around 6 PM when I get home until 11 pm 4 days a week. In order to avoid getting incredibly bored and working too much (I tend to do work when I get bored), I’ve set up several in-game “projects” for myself:

1) Finish off Anatevka’s inscription skill pre-Mists release. You see, when Mists releases, I’ll probably be deleting my second paladin (Tzeidel) who has max Inscription, so I want to have Ana finish off her skill to take over for that. She’s at about 319/525. This will probably be $$$$$.

2) Get Rhia exalted Kurenai rep and possibly exalted Sporeggar rep.  She’s about 4000/21000 revered for Kurenai and 400/21000 revered for Sporeggar. I want the exalted Kurenai for the mount since my Talbuk-character (Tzeidel), as mentioned above, is being deleted and I won’t have access to the mount. Same deal with the pet from Sporeggar. This will be easy, but time consuming.


3) Get Gilly the Therazane shoulder enchants so she can be more legit.

I would love to take Gilly into our Dragon Soul runs as my alt. After getting some pro-tips on my mana management (apparently I was using holy radiance far too much!), I feel much more confident about being able to sustain high output over a raid encounter. To take her into Dragon Soul, however,  I really feel that she needs to be fully enchanted to do that. Hence, the Therazane enchants for the shoulders.

The bad part is – Gilly never did Deepholme when I was leveling her. So last night I spent 3 hours in Deepholme working on the questlines just to open up Therazane rep collection. I really think that the design of Therazane rep was poorly thought out; it made sense for “main” characters who would probably be the first doing all the zones, but for any alts, it’s very laborious to even get the rep opened since you’re basically repeating all the story quest-lines in Deepholme. Every single time. I did this on Ana and Tzeidel, and now I have to do it on Gilly — and it’s just painful.

On a brighter note, I loaded up Diablo 3 this morning and had great fun playing with a Witch Doctor. Only got 10 minutes or so of play-time, but I’m looking forward to playing a bit more later on.

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