I am a Bad Healer

At least that’s what some other healers in LFR have told me. Oh, no, it wasn’t because I did no healing. Quite the opposite, actually.

I’ve been accused of “heal sniping.”

“Stealing our heals.”

“Taking both crystals” on Ultraxion.**

Etc, etc.

And all those things are true. (**Okay, to be fair, with the Ultraxion one, I did WAIT 30 seconds after each set of crystals dropped to see if others were going to take them. NO ONE moved from the stack or clicked on the crystals – except for the blue.)

I’m like Vixsin – I’m a heal sniper. I try to save people’s lives; I don’t wait to see if Random Druid 3 is going to HOT-up the person, I see that Bolt coming in and I cast a Healing Surge on them, maybe two.

When I’m in a raid, whether it’s a PUG Baradin Hold, LFR or my own raiding group, I’m there to do the most healing I can possibly do to make the group successful – and I hope the other healers are doing the same thing.

Above and beyond healing assignments, each healer is responsible for each person in that raid group. And I’m there, just like the other healers, to make sure every single person survives the encounter. The problem I see is that so many healers see healing as a competition – and in that light, “I’m not playing fair.”  It’s NOT a competition though. We all have the same goal — keeping the raid alive.  If we do our job, no one dies and the boss goes down, then we collectively win.

So, that means I put out 35% of the healing to your 20%? 40% to your 30%?  No big deal.  I’m not trying to push other people down the meters or win the meter game, you see. I’m just trying to make sure we win. I just (1) have more haste, (2) am better geared/better suited to this fight style or (3) simply heal more aggressively.   And there have been times when I’ve healed my butt off and came in last on the meters (like the entirety of Firelands).

As long as I was personally doing the most healing I can do to keep the raid alive, I pat myself on the back and move on.

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  1. It’s an interesting issue. I have been a top dps and an above average healer in WoW in the past, and that competitive aspect has always been there. Though I don’t play now, I can imagine that things have only gotten worse with the increased reliance on item levels and the randomized raiding groups. Honestly, I loved competing on the meters in any role I played, but it really does detract from the overall game more than it adds. It really makes me miss the days of MMOs that didn’t have me playing via spreadsheet or being evaluated by them.

    • fivequarters

      Agreed. I think the “fun” quotient definitely goes down in certain respects when number-gaming starts being more important than just having a blast flinging fireballs (or heals). I think it really comes to a head in LFR with the way people like to boot anyone for any reason. At the same time, Blizzard and its allowance of add-ons are partially to blame since it required them to really step up the dps requirements and other demands of a given raid (in comparison to 40 man raiding).

      • Exactly. While I loved the bidding wars back when I raided with a DKP system for that rare drop, it killed a lot of the fun when I lost and never saw the item drop again.

        And yeah, I agree Blizzard is also to blame. I think it goes beyond just parsing though. As they have streamlined stats more and more, things had gotten so efficient that there was hardly even a possibility of choice with what gear you wore or what you slotted into it. I really would love if they had at some point made different item and stat choices equally viable as others.

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