First Impressions: Diablo 3

Suffice it to say, I’ve been playing a good amount of Diablo 3 the past few days.  I’m impressed with how much I like this game that I wasn’t really anticipating and simply got for free with my annual pass. I typically don’t care for top-down style games – something about the style makes it difficult for me to orient myself in the game world – but I’ve found Diablo’s top-down format to be more of an annoyance that can be overlooked than a real detractor.

I’ve been playing a Witch Doctor. The play-style constantly reminds me of a fusion between Guild Wars’ Necromancer and Ritualist: summoning odd spirits/creatures to do damage and off-tank, various health regen tactics, a wide variety of control skills. In general, I’ve been sticking to the poison dart with a splinter rune for active damage when solo’ing, and combining it with the snare secondary or the spreading damage-over-time secondary, depending on the situation. If there’s a bunch of melee, I tend to like the snare which gives me some ability to kit bosses/etc around. If there’s more ranged, I tend to favor the higher damage output of the damage-over-time Haunt.

Multi-player gives me a bit more flexibility as far as skill choice since I don’t necessarily need to worry about kiting melee adds or similar concerns that I have while solo’ing. I do seem to pull *alot* of aggro though, particularly if I get 4-5 stacks of Soul Harvest up. I kept on having pop health potions because the boss would zero in on me!

Yeah, my character looks this silly in game.

Soul Harvest is one of the skills that I’m sorta wavering on. It’s definitely a hefty damage increase, but it comes with the cost of having to run up to a pack of mobs to “harvest” them.  I’m hoping there are builds floating around that don’t rely on using Soul Harvest, because it’s already precarious to get stacks up and maintain them. Or perhaps one of my runes will adjust the ability so it isn’t so cumbersome to incorporate into your rotation. I haven’t done ALOT of research yet; the sum total of my Diablo 3 researching was to figure out what kinds of weapons I’m supposed to be equipping.

I’m not quite out of Act I yet, but hopefully getting closer. I ran into a bit of a stumbling block last night with my little dog pets — they kept on pulling all the mobs of a multi-level camp and training ALL of them on me. So I had this long, long wave of mobs (not just ones from the camp either, some were those evil walking tree things from around the area), and I basically ended up kiting them in circles around the entire tribal camp area to survive (after dying about 3-5 times and deciding to take a break to avoid frustration.)

It’s definitely a nice distraction while waiting for solid Mists release dates!

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