Graduating to Dragon Soul

This weekend, I took my first healer alt through Dragon Soul — my holy paladin, Gilberte (Gilly).

Gilberte is one of my two healing alts…of my two alts; I also have Anatevka, a holy/disc/shadow priest.  Anatevka is probably the better geared of the two; she has full LFR tier, 397 vendor pieces, and LFR Spine trinkets and DW weapons for BOTH healing and shadow. I also have the most experience priesting and definitely have a comfort zone there – whether I’m going as holy (omigosh all the buttons) or disc or even shadow.  Ana has also typically been my raiding alt, while Gilly trailed along far behind her on my preference list.

And yet, I’ve not really wanted to bring Ana into Dragon Soul as a healer. I’d love to bring her as a dps, but  (1) I prefer healing and (2) I prefer healing.  Shadow is a fun distraction, but I get bored after awhile.  DPS is boring. I know other healers who agree with me!  As far as not wanting to heal on Ana — I’m a little tired of priest healing after spending the past few months exclusively in LFR on her. It’s funny; I never get tired of shaman’ing, but I tend to get bored with other healing classes easily.

Gilly’s only raiding experience is — LFR and 1 Firelands run. LFR was one of the reasons I hesitated to bring her; I’ve been struggling with mana management on her in LFR and just not feeling as competitive as I think I should be (perhaps I’m too used to my main?).

I got some advice to change up my AOE rotation to two holy radiances + a holy shock and then Light of the Dawn, as well as some adjustment to my spell usage for single target. I didn’t use my free heals nearly as often as I could have been; one of my issues is that I tend to queue heals one after the other, so if holy power updated to being full after one heal, I might have already queued a follow up heal. At that point, I could always stop-cast and switch to something free, but I was lazy about it.  The suggestions definitely helped me out in LFR, although I still felt like I was scraping the bottom of my mana pool at times.

10-man, though, is apparently completely different.  There were only two fights that really pushed Gilly’s mana pool (Spine and Madness), and I was already anticipating that. Spine is rough even on Rhia, and Telluric Currents is my main-stay for all the lulls on Madness, so I was figuring that without an active regen tool, Gilly might feel the mana bite a bit more.  (Meleeing with Seal of Insight up  does NOT count!)  She basically bottomed out on mana on the final-final platform on Madness, but I did eventually get a divine plea up and we pulled it out thanks to awesome DPS.

The rest of Dragon Soul felt comfortable and she definitely pushed some nice output numbers that I wasn’t entirely expecting. I still would like to see a lower reliance on holy radiance, but I’m not sure if that will happen this tier just due to fight mechanics.

Would I bring her again? Probably — maybe? It’s different on an alt. Rhia is just so -easy-; I can sorta go on auto-pilot with her and have fun focusing on roleplay stuff or vent chatter. The only times I really need to focus now in DS (when playing my main) are on Spine and the last half of Madness. The rest of the time I just have fun seeing different spell combinations I can use, trying out new things, etc.  And I really did miss Spirit Link Totem for Spine. Really really did.

We start on hard-modes shortly, so I’ll be back on Rhia for those and hopefully get some new challenges to master!

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