Introducing Antoinette Sunshatter

I haven’t played a blood elf in a really, really long time, but back in the day, both Anatevka and Gilberte were blood elves. Anatevka’s former name was “Tanaquil Sunwaker” and Gilberte was “Neilianah Skywhisper.”

I’ve had the itch to level a character horde-side for awhile, but I had some trouble settling on exactly who and what to level. I tried out the Goblin starter zone, and while it was fun, I don’t particularly care to play a goblin. I’ve also wanted to play a rogue — they’re lots of fun in pvp and it’s always confused me how the type of class I normally play in solo RPG’s (rogue) never really caught my eye in WoW.

And then I got the name Antoinette and realized that’s pretty perfect for a Blood Elf.

Eversong and the Ghostlands just feel like home; I’m not sure what it is, but the music and ambient sound effects really take me back to when BC was young and some really good memories with my Horde-side guild and RL friends.

So, I’m introducing Antoinette Sunshatter!

  • Name: Antoinette “Annie” Sunshatter
  • Hair Color: Black and boring.
  • Eye Color: Green.
  • Height/Weight: Average build and height, nothing unusual here.
  • Age: Young – early 70’s.
  • Social Status: Daughter of upwardly mobile Merchant family.
  • Family: Annie is the youngest daughter of Silvermoon cloth merchants who want to be members of high society but can never quite cut it due to their openly suspicious trade dealings. She has two older sisters who have been well married into other mercantile families.
  • Hometown: Annie grew up around Eversong and Silvermoon, but never had a fixed home due to her parents’ trade.

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  1. Welcome to the NBI! Have fun and keep on writing — I’ll keep reading!

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