Label Me an Official (Prime) Evil Slayer

Finally got around to finishing off Act 3 of Diablo early Saturday morning.  I felt like Azmodan’s fight was the right level of difficulty; I definitely had some close calls, but I did get him down on my first go (and with a sub-optimal build, trash skills and passives still equipped).  So I was basically running around like a ninny and flinging sludge on Azmodan while picking up health globes after he ate my puppies.

Act 4 went by quickly. Nothing was terribly difficult, although the first named mob did smash my face in (luckily, I had my ‘rez’ passive equipped and popped back up!).  I was anticipating a decent challenge with Diablo’s fight (particularly after I lost my templar bud) and pulled it once without adjusting my build just to see the cinematic before wiping immediately.

After dying, I adjusted my build to something more suited for survival/single-target encounter. Lots of health return abilities, tanky pet, and speed boosts (Spirit Walk) to keep my distance.

I figured Diablo would be similar to Belial. Belial took me at least 6 or 7 tries and a couple build iterations to get him down the first time. I wasn’t actually expecting to down Diablo on my first serious pull.

The fight underwhelmed me. As long as I kept moving (occasionally turning to Diablo to fire off a Haunt, Poison Dart or Spirit Barrage), I avoided getting caged and sustaining much (if any) damage. He was killing my tanky pet very quickly and I was resummoning on CD basically, but I anticipated that. I did eat a cage once or twice, but a health pot put me back into a safe zone and I used Spirit Walk to get out of melee immediately after the stun wore off.  It was just incredibly long (probably because I was being so conservative and just scurrying around with the occasional DPS burst when it was clear).

Overall? Diablo 3 was a fun jaunt. Witch Doctor had a bit of a bad spot near the end of Act 1/beginning of Act 2 and the beginning of Act 3, but once I got enough abilities, I felt pretty OP.  I may pop back in and do some Nightmare mode at some point, but I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to do that right now. At times, I felt like the story was a bit poorly handled at points (near the end) and sometimes too surprising to seem plausible, but I’m also coming at it from the standpoint of a complete Diablo novice. Perhaps if I had played 1 or 2, I might not have been so “bwah?” at various points of the story.

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