About a Shaman

I’m a bit late in coming to this, but I recently came across the challenge series for the New Blogger Initiative (thanks to a link on a blog I was browsing yesterday). I’m not quite sure how I missed the series since I signed up for the Initiative, but I like to blame the excessive amounts of work I’ve been dealing with the past few weeks.

One of the challenge topics was to tell a bit about your main character.  I did a short blurb about all of my characters on the Games Present page, but I don’t think that really tells the full story. Why do I play Rhianon, a resto shaman, as my main? What keeps me coming back to her?

Rhianon is one of those odd characters who took on a life of her own somewhere between 1 and 70 when I first rolled her back in Burning Crusade. I really intended her to be an enhancement shaman (healing?! That’s for wimps!) – but my guild encouraged me to try resto since they only had one resto shaman for raids and that was an alt of one of their best DPS’ers. I fully admit to NOT thinking chain heal was worthwhile at all when I first got the spell around level 40. Chain heal? Why would I ever cast that? It looks dumb!

Fast forward a few months and 30 levels, and I was hooked. Rhianon the enhancement shaman became restoration for life, and five years later, I haven’t looked back.

The character herself had a similar “wait, a second – what happened?” development process.  Rhianon was originally supposed to be a petulant young Draenei who ran away from her Da and the Exodar.

Somewhere along the way, she’s become a young woman who is alternatively wise and whimsical — silly but also incredibly sensitive and caring. She walks with Spirits and sometimes loses her way in the real world.  A friend recently compared Rhianon to the Enchantress companion in Diablo 3, and I’d have to agree.  She usually comes across as not being “all there”; she finds the mundane fantastic and the fantastic mundane.

There’s something about roleplaying Rhianon that is both easy and complicated: she’s full of gusto for life, but there’s a great softness and delicacy to her personality as well.  At first blush, she seems out of place on a battlefield – but then as you get to know her, you understand why she’s out there.

I had this lovely portrait of Rhianon commissioned over the 2011 Christmas holidays and I really think it captures her beautifully. (Thanks, dekraus!!)

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  1. That is a cool pic! Thanks for the nice read too!

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