NBI Final Challenge – Sponsor This!

We’re closing out the whirlwind month of the New Blogger Initiative – but not without a final challenge, of course.

There were about 100-some new blogs created during the Initiative period. Amazing, right? Of course, it’s easy to get going but keeping going is another matter. I know this from personal experience as the managing editor on a few environmental blogs for work! This blog is actually my first endeavor where I’m writing what I want, not editing others’ posts or cobbling together something to promo our next event. I’m personally just happy posting for myself for that reason;  if other folks find it interesting, all the better!

Without much further ado, I’ll present a few blogs that caught my eye during the initiative – and heartily recommend you add them to your reading list!

MMO One Night a Week:  I admit, the concept for this is fascinating. Kanter will be taking on an MMO in bursts of just one night a week, a pretty foreign concept for those of us who play MMO’s on a more regular basis. It will be interesting to see how he progresses and engages in the game with such a focused schedule. His first night found him in the Shire in Lord of the Rings, but he’s currently fielding ideas for potential games to explore.

Flask Half-Empty: Okay, there are two mostly silly reasons that this blog caught my idea at first. One – the banner image is really gorgeous and makes me imagine some sort of fantastic, fairytale kind of world. Two – the first post I read was about shaman totems, and well, I think my biases are pretty clear there. Beyond that, however, the writing is solid and conversational in the best of blogging styles, and I look forward to seeing what Ninevi will be up to in the future!

Healing Mains:  A blog from two intrepid healers, Brae (priest) and Eluna (druid), about their adventures in healing and also while they’re not on their “healing mains.”  One of the reasons this blog stuck in my mind was Eluna’s discussion about how druid healing just works for her. I personally have never been able to get into druid healing, and I’ll appreciate a chance to see her perspectives on healing. Maybe I’ll learn a few things so I don’t have to ask my druids stupid questions like “what’s the range on Tranquility?”.

Go forth and read!


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  1. Thank you for the link! 🙂

    And umm…the range on Tranquility….is umm….go stand in the white shiny stuff or don’t get healed! (40 yards)

    • fivequarters

      Thanks for the answer 🙂 Tranq just always seems to be ‘there’ that I never bothered to wonder what the range was until we started discussing strategies for H Morchok.

  2. Thanks so much for the link and kind words! 😀

    I’ll admit I still have quite a lot to learn about the shaman class *hangs head in shame*, but hopefully I will be inspired to play mine more by reading more of your blog (especially since I intend to heal on mine)!

    • fivequarters

      Thanks 😀 I was actually thinking of doing a “So You Want to be a Resto Shaman” post here at some point since I see a few guildies taking up the mantle on alts…we’ll see!

  3. battlechicken

    Great post! I like the selection–MMO One Night a Week sounds intriguing, and hey, Ninevi’s banner makes me think the same thing. 😀 Also, any advice I can get on improving my druid healing, I will take!

    You should totally do “So You Want to be a Resto Shaman.” I don’t even have a shaman, and I’d read it.

    • fivequarters

      Hehe, thanks! I guess I’ll start cracking on that then! Probably a good time with Mists coming up :p

  4. Thank you for the link! Not having much game time, means not have much to check on other blogs either, but I certainly appreciate the mention.

    • No problem! I thought your idea was super cool 🙂 I’m in the category of folks with too much free time so it’s nice to see what can be done in a short amount of time!

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