Shared Topic – My Top Three

I have a confession to make in response to this week’s Shared Topic (cheers to Cymre and check out her post!)

I am the worst pack rat ever.  My bags are constantly full of stuff I don’t need (but might potentially need one day in the far future!) and my bank is stuffed to the brim. I think I have Aldor rep tokens and spicy Crawdad sushi in my bank still. (It’s probably stinking everything up a bit.)

To be honest, though, I can’t really think of any item that I would be disappointed if I lost. I have a few nostalgic items — the first raid tier drop I ever got (Tier 5 shoulderpads), for example – and all of the holiday dresses. I have my transmog sets. I have rp clothes.

But I have nothing that’s personally valuable to my main character.

I suspect it has something to do with my playstyle — I don’t really go after “unique” items or special items other than pets/mounts — and I’m usually unattached to items I use for raiding purposes. Ever expansion pack, I try to do a full clear of my bank and bags to get ready for new things.

So far, the Tier 5 shoulderpads were the only things to survive the past two expansion pack clear-outs. I have some ICC gear left and that will probably go with Mists. Now that pets and mounts don’t take up bag space, I have little of personal value in my bags or bank.

On the other hand, my alt paladin has an item I would be upset to lose – the Competitor’s Tabard. Not only does it look smashing on her, it’s a unique tabard that you can get any more. She also has the Argent Dawn Wrath launch event tabard, a full set of Undead Slayer gear, and the lyric book to Lament of the Highborne.

Is it a little sad that my alt has more personally valuable items than my main?

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  1. Thx for joining in the Shared Topic. I can definitely relate to being a pack rat but I draw the line at old food and tokens…although I still have the halaa ones 😛

  2. I was a packrat until I decided to level engineering. I decided to gather a crapton of ore and things, plunk down next to a trainer, and just skill up and train, over and over. Great idea, except for that entire packrat/transmog thing. HOLY SHEEYIT I had ore busting out the ears! I have all slots and netherweave bags, and I was still sending non-soulbound things to alts in a desperate bid to free up more space.

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