Why I don’t Beta (much)

Blues announced last night that heroic dungeons were open and ready for testing in the Mists beta – which promptly set off a flurry of “omigosh, it’s going to be released tomorrow” comments. While I don’t anticipate a summer release, I can envision an early fall release at this point.

Alot of other bloggers have been diving head first into beta game-play and such for the past few months, and kudos to them. Their posts about new mechanics, animations and the like are great teasers for what promises to be an excellent expansion pack. I’ve, of course, been following the shaman changes and reading tidbits here and there about what’s to come.

Lots of new places to explore!

That being said, I’ve spent a total of 1 to 2 hours in the beta since I got my key. I did two separate runs of dungeons on my main to get a feel for some of the changes and then toyed around with the panda character creation screen. I have many guild buds who have jumped right into the content and been leveling and exploring in Panda-land since they got their access. I’m glad for that, honestly, since it will make it much easier to coordinate and plan RP and in-character questing/dungeoning once the pack is released.

I, however, have deleted the beta from my computer and don’t plan on doing anything further with it until launch. I want it to be fresh and new to me. I want landing on Pandaria with Rhianon to be not something I’m finally doing “for real”, but filled with the rush of “the first time.”  Nothing is ever quite like your first time experiencing something — a book, game, etc (you can elaborate as you will).  I can never read The Poisonwood Bible again for the first time, and even though I’ve enjoyed it immensely on subsequent readings, it doesn’t give me the same rush.

I want to be a Panda virgin. Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in that! Do you want Mists to be completely new when you start up the game on launch day? Or do you enjoy getting “prepared” by playing in the beta and learning the zones/dungeons before release?

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  1. I agree with everything you’ve said here! Having not logged onto Beta more than a handful of times myself, I’m also mostly content with just reading everyone else’s posts and updates about the new stuff. Like you, I want to experience everything fresh upon release. I’m in no rush to claim a server first or anything, so it’ll be fun to explore.

    (Also love that you mentioned The Poisonwood Bible! Perhaps it’s time for me to give it yet another reading… 😉 )

    • So, how many reads of it are you on? I kept it by my bedside for about 5 years or so to read various passages that gave me the chills even after re-reading it tons!

  2. You are NOT alone in your want to be a panda virgin! I hardly read any beta news because I don’t want to spoil it for myself. 🙂

  3. I’m torn between wanting it to seem new and fresh to me, and wanting to see what all the changes are. Curiosity has won once again, and I’m nearly level 90. But, I do understand the people who don’t want to see it yet! I’ve got one or two guild mates who also don’t want to see anything until launch (they get quite grumpy when we even mention stuff that was announced at blizzcon…while they were AT blizzcon!)

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