Would you like a macaron with those boar ribs?

Back in college, I spent a semester studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. I actually don’t remember much about my courses there (except that one crazy teacher with red hair who was proud to be from Bretagne and told us stories about ladies giving birth on trains during World War 2) – but I will never forget the bakeries.

Small patisseries and bakeries dotted my path from my apartment to the campus. The cases were eye-popping and the smells intoxicating. Each day after my morning class, I would count out my change and buy a demi-baguette to eat with lunch, which was usually cheese from a shop, butter, a yogurt tin and sliced ham. (Somehow, I was approaching the “underweight” end of the BMI scale when I came back from Paris, despite a diet of bread, wine, cheese and butter. Crazy, right?)

So, when the idea of my character opening a bakery in the heart of Stormwind popped into my head, I knew exactly what I had in my mind:

A little piece of heaven

A little piece of heaven, for just a few euros!

And later on, that got me to thinking – what is Azerothian cuisine actually like? Some of the food items we see in-game have ready real world comparisons: buttery wheat rolls, boar ribs, and the like. But the serious part – could my shaman really have a bakery like the ones in Paris  in Azeroth?

I think, in this case, RPers are free to take a certain amount of license with the in-game world. We know that Azerothians eat cake, pie and muffins, among other sweet delights. Is it that outlandish to think that some enterprising cook came up with a souffle? Or a macaron? Doubtful that the treats would have the same names, but for the sake of not messing up everyone’s head, you might as well call a macaroon a macaroon and a crepe a crepe.

So, last week, Rhianon offered a tray of small colorful fruits shaped out of sugary nut-paste….otherwise known as “marzipan”.  Because she has the best, most delightfully European bakery ever (in Azeroth).

And yes, I realize that marzipan most likely has Arabic roots. But there’s nothing more quintessentially European to me than Marzipan confections.

Would you like a lemon or a strawberry?

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