Shared Topic: Always Want What You Can’t Have

Dragonray brings us this week’s shared topic:

What is it you want, but know you can’t get your hands on and have to stare at longingly whenever you log in?

As I thought about this, I had alot of trouble coming up with in-game things: in general, if I want something, I do my best to get it. I did eventually get the Sporeggar pet and tabard, the Kurenai mount, and the Cenarion War Hippogryph. I completed the Avatar set for Anatevka and the Cyclone raiment for Rhianon. And if I really wanted some of the archaeology trinkets that I admire (the Naaru one, for example), I would simply go out and level up archaeology.

There are a few things that stick out to me, however – mainly because I either can’t get them or they have simply eluded me for so long:



1) The Firefly pet — I desparately want this pet for Rhianon, but despite farming Zangarmarsh and browsing the AH, I have yet to get it for her. I could have gotten it earlier this year on the AH, but I choose to spend my gold on the Tsunami card set for raiding. (*tosses 20k gold out the window*)




Magical Crawdad

2) Magical Crawdad pet — Another wish for Rhianon, but this one has a longer story. I first saw the pet in SSC during a 25-man raid; one of the other healers had it out and I had instant jealousy. I leveled up fishing specifically to get this pet and I spent hours farming for Mr. Pinchy drop. I actually got Mr. Pinchy twice — but none of my wishes ever brought me the pet. Since then, I have yet to farm this seriously since it frustrates me so.


But perhaps the saddest:


3) Benediction

Anatevka was not my first priest. Before I even created the blood elf version of her, I had a night elf priestess named Starchaser – and from the moment I created Starchaser, I coveted the Benediction staff. We had MC and Onxyia on farm by the time she got to 60, and one night, I was lucky enough to get the Eye of Divinity from Majordomo’s cache. Guildies bought me the corresponding Eye of Shadow as a present and within a week, my little night elf was sporting Benediction. (I remember completing the quest in the wee hours of the morning and waking up my fiance-at-the-time to tell him that ‘I DID IT! I DID IT!’).

At the beginning of BC, my account was hacked and I lost everything, including that priest with the Benediction. I got a restore about 6 months or so later, but when I logged back on, the staff was gone. Forever. Later on, I transferred over my blood elf priest and Anatevka was born, but I never pursued getting the Benediction for her. Now that transmog is in-game, I wish I had bothered getting Benediction so I could use it as her staff model.

So whenever I see Benediction, I feel a little sad and nostalgic, and then slap myself for not getting it on Anatevka when I could have.

See, wouldn’t Ana look awesome with a Benediction?


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  1. I wish they’d reintroduce the Benediction chain into the game. I know I’d be upset if I lost mine and my other two Priests would love the chance to get theirs. Either that or perhaps the Black Market could start selling them, although I’m not sure something so linked to the class should be buy-able.

    I feel your frustration on the firefly. My Nightelf Priest got three levels killing bugs in Zangarmarsh and my Hunter got two, still haven’t seen a firefly drop. That and the fox kit are the two pets which continue to elude me. Hope you get lucky with that and Mr Pinchy.

    • Thanks! I actually got lucky on the fox kit — got it while doing dailies XD. It might be nice if they made a priest class quest where you got a cosmetic Benediction for doing the same quest….but I’m sure that’s reaching too far ;p

  2. *shakes fist at Magical Crawdad*
    I have terrible luck with drops like this too. I’ve fished from literally thousands of pools and have yet to get the Turtle mount, for instance. A friend of mine fished with me once and got it.


  3. Good luck with those grindy pets! I ended up caving and buying a Firefly one day…

    I never did the Benediction chain; I’d love for them to bring it back so I could see what it’s like!

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