Post x-pack lulls: Cataclysm versus Wrath

A post on WoWinsider last night declared that raiding guild activity, in-game, is down 50% so far this year. The metric comes from GuildOx and I admit, the way it’s presented is a bit misleading. Activity, per GuildOx, is defined as new boss kills or achievements: farming runs don’t register. A guild stalled out at 4/8H doesn’t register since they’re not getting new kills or achievements.  While the metric is partially indicative of “activity”, it also shows that many guilds that are raiding have completed the level of progression that they’re going to reach. Those guild might still be doing farming runs or alt runs, but they’re not “advancing” since there’s nowhere to go.

Is this different from Wrath? I think, in part, yes. I know we were still working on a LK kill up until a few weeks before Cata’s release…and we finished DS weeks ago. My impression was also that more guilds were working on heroic modes or just finishing progression as we headed towards Cataclysm. Back in Wrath, I would constantly see raiding guilds looking for pick-up players or recruiting, and there was a high PUG raid activity on my server. I only see the occasionally “LFM DS” announcements now and most of the raiding groups I know have shut-down operations largely until MoP.  We haven’t really run DS in two weeks now due to lack of interest; we got our legendary daggers,  our mains are geared, and we’ve full cleared the raid multiple times now.  Not everyone is interested in heroic modes; which is fine by me!

The game feels so much emptier now than it did before Cataclysm. Up until a few weeks before Cata’s release, I was chaining dungeons on Anatevka to get her shadow gear and hoping to alt-hop into one of our ICC runs.  Ana’s been geared via LFR for a couple months now and has nothing to gain from valor points or dungeons outside of normal DS. I’m still having fun in-game, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been leveling a new priest and sporadically working on reps for Rhia. I’ve been working on some RP ideas to prepare for Mists. But I feel more -DONE- in the Cata content than I ever did in Wrath.

I’m not quite sure why that is, either. Are we really just that much better at the game that we’re burning through content faster or was there just that much less end-game content at 85?

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  1. I think a lack of content is part of it–they didn’t put in a “filler” raid this time, due to the bad reaction Ruby Sanctum got, and how short DS is compared to ICC (which also gradually opened each wing initially).

    They also ended up scrapping a planned raid because it was just recycled assets in an unexciting single room, much like the Tournament, another unpopular raid (poor thing followed the grandeur of Ulduar). I do hope they revisit Neptulon’s story someday. Even after multiple patches, endgame feels very empty comparatively. I think Cataclysm has some good lessons to teach both players and the devs about expectations, which Mists is trying to address.

    I’ve been filling my time rare-seeking on my hunter, and debate learning how to actually play the class for instancing. There are so many tools it feels a little overwhelming! But this is when I actually level and do things with my alts, in the slump between expacs.

    I do think I currently have more time, and am a better player, with more resources to seek out the stuff I am interested in. How many blogs and websites are there for just about anything to do on Azeroth? I find there’s still plenty to do and see, and I still enjoy RP–my guild’s big plotline is coming to a close soon!

    So I’m not totally bored, though I may log in less, or log off earlier. But I do feel like I have most of the things I want to have done completed by now. Especially since I was one of those folks who told the raid leader that with the daggers finished, I didn’t see much reason for us to go back to DS! Harder versions of fights we’d had on farm for weeks didn’t sound appealing to me. :p

  2. This is actually my first true expansion lull! I started playing WoW about two months before Cataclysm was released – and really just puttered around even then.

    I’m hoping people begin to come back for Mists. My guild stopped raiding months ago, and even getting people together to do OS drake runs once a week is difficult. 😦

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