Greetings, traveler!

I’m fivequarters, your friendly blogger, also known under a myriad of other avatar names. You can find my current listing of aliases under Games Present.

I am a casual gamer interested in raiding and roleplay – and not necessarily in that order.  You’ll usually find me in the healing role, figuring out new and inventive ways to keep my party alive. I also tend to lean towards utility-based classes: being able to do something, in addition to healing, keeps me engaged in the fight.

I’ve started this blog as my personal space to discuss topics relevant to the online gaming community  – as well as whatever current ideas/rumors/events strike my fancy. While the majority of my content will most likely be about my current game of choice (World of Warcraft), I do dabble in other online games and so you may find discussions about Rift, LOTRO or other selections from time to time.

Even if you’re not a WoW player, I hope you can find something relevant to you in my more general discussions of common raiding and roleplaying issues.

When I’m not beating down dragons in online worlds, I’m busy working in the world of scientific consulting, watching House with my husband, or scolding one of my three devious pets.  I try to stay active in the animal rescue and Shiba Inu enthusiast communities.

Juliet (foreground) – 1 year old Chow mix – and Hamlet (background) – 2 year old Shiba Inu. Big fans of napping under my computer chair while I work or game.



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