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First Impressions: Diablo 3

Suffice it to say, I’ve been playing a good amount of Diablo 3 the past few days.  I’m impressed with how much I like this game that I wasn’t really anticipating and simply got for free with my annual pass. I typically don’t care for top-down style games – something about the style makes it difficult for me to orient myself in the game world – but I’ve found Diablo’s top-down format to be more of an annoyance that can be overlooked than a real detractor.

I’ve been playing a Witch Doctor. The play-style constantly reminds me of a fusion between Guild Wars’ Necromancer and Ritualist: summoning odd spirits/creatures to do damage and off-tank, various health regen tactics, a wide variety of control skills. In general, I’ve been sticking to the poison dart with a splinter rune for active damage when solo’ing, and combining it with the snare secondary or the spreading damage-over-time secondary, depending on the situation. If there’s a bunch of melee, I tend to like the snare which gives me some ability to kit bosses/etc around. If there’s more ranged, I tend to favor the higher damage output of the damage-over-time Haunt. Read the rest of this entry

Deepholme, how I loathe thee

I’m back in Deepholme as a part of my “summer project” series. Over the next few months, my husband is taking morning classes and working the evening class shift at the University, so I’ll be on my own from around 6 PM when I get home until 11 pm 4 days a week. In order to avoid getting incredibly bored and working too much (I tend to do work when I get bored), I’ve set up several in-game “projects” for myself:

1) Finish off Anatevka’s inscription skill pre-Mists release. You see, when Mists releases, I’ll probably be deleting my second paladin (Tzeidel) who has max Inscription, so I want to have Ana finish off her skill to take over for that. She’s at about 319/525. This will probably be $$$$$.

2) Get Rhia exalted Kurenai rep and possibly exalted Sporeggar rep.  She’s about 4000/21000 revered for Kurenai and 400/21000 revered for Sporeggar. I want the exalted Kurenai for the mount since my Talbuk-character (Tzeidel), as mentioned above, is being deleted and I won’t have access to the mount. Same deal with the pet from Sporeggar. This will be easy, but time consuming.

And…. Read the rest of this entry