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Real-life Mogging

In-game, some folks spend lots of time putting together awesome outfits to make their characters look…well…like themselves. (Although apparently ALOT of our characters are very fond of dressing scantily?) It’s called transmog or mogging.

In real life,  some people likewise spend great deals of time putting together great real-life mog sets – aka Fashion. While most of us probably stick to ye olde jeans and tank top route more often than not, fashion, just like mogging, is an avenue into a world of endless possibility. Bohemian? Steam punk? Gothic? Modern? Romantic? Edgy?  Someone once said fashion is a “fantasy” and I couldn’t agree more.

One amazingly brilliant WoW’er decided to put together mogging and fashion, and thanks to an online fashion tool named Polyvore,  clipped together real-life outfits based on WoW designs and zones. I basically spent all afternoon yesterday devouring their feed (the Nagrand set is one of my favs) and I recommend you guys check it out as well!

But, of course, that got me thinking — which is always a dangerous proposition. If my characters stepped off the screen and into the real world, what kind of real world fashions would they be wearing? What would their real-life mog set be like?

And thus, I became addicted to polyvore.

Rhianon RL mog

~~ Rhianon ~~

Here, I took a bit of a peek into Rhianon’s wardrobe. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from her – lots of romantic touches and florals – and a bit of a bohemian vibe. The bright red pumps really make the set though, a bit of sexy “come hither” popping out from all the feminine softness. Click here to get the polyvore set with info on all the pieces showcased!


~~ Gilberte ~~

And now for something totally different! Gilberte’s closet is flashy and pretty chic, very “downtown” girl.  The white blazer gives the cocktail dress some professionalism, but you know it’s Gilly when you see the over-the-top red lip clutch. Gilly wears her personality on her sleeve (or her body, in this case), so mysteriously sexy bright shoes like Rhianon’s aren’t really suitable. She goes for classic black heels. Once again, here’s the polyvore set with all the fashion details.  (And holy crap, I just realized that that silly little clutch is $730!!! That’s why fashion is a fantasy, boys and girls.)


~~ Anatevka ~~

I have to admit, putting together Ana’s set was much more difficult. I opted for a great deal of Vivienne Westwood – punk with a Victorian flair.  Ana’s style, while bold, is not as overtly in-your-face as Gilly’s wardrobe. She doesn’t need a sleek red dress to catch anyone’s eye; she can do that quite well on her own, thank you very much. I love how glamorous and mature the looks turned out, while still being somewhat romantic. And Ana could totally pull off the sparkly dress.  Got lots of cash? You too can dress like Anatevka.

Thanks to Azerothian Appearance for giving me the great inspiration (to waste about 5 hours staring at gorgeous clothes). Now I will have to spend the rest of the week fighting the urge to go shopping. *shakes fist*

Deepholme, how I loathe thee

I’m back in Deepholme as a part of my “summer project” series. Over the next few months, my husband is taking morning classes and working the evening class shift at the University, so I’ll be on my own from around 6 PM when I get home until 11 pm 4 days a week. In order to avoid getting incredibly bored and working too much (I tend to do work when I get bored), I’ve set up several in-game “projects” for myself:

1) Finish off Anatevka’s inscription skill pre-Mists release. You see, when Mists releases, I’ll probably be deleting my second paladin (Tzeidel) who has max Inscription, so I want to have Ana finish off her skill to take over for that. She’s at about 319/525. This will probably be $$$$$.

2) Get Rhia exalted Kurenai rep and possibly exalted Sporeggar rep.  She’s about 4000/21000 revered for Kurenai and 400/21000 revered for Sporeggar. I want the exalted Kurenai for the mount since my Talbuk-character (Tzeidel), as mentioned above, is being deleted and I won’t have access to the mount. Same deal with the pet from Sporeggar. This will be easy, but time consuming.

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