Games Present

Online/Multi-Player Games

I probably spend most of my time in online and multi-player games. I just have more fun participating in a world with other people than by myself in a single player game!

World of Warcraft

Rhianon (main) – First rolled when BC came out and my raiding main in 10/25-man BC content, but didn’t become my main character for RP/PvE/Raid until Wrath.  In character, probably the sweetest and most socially awkward character I’ve ever created.  I blame growing up in the backwaters of Zangarmarsh.

Anatevka – Was originally a blood elf holy priest (Tanaquil) and my Horde main in BC. Now alternates between shadow, discipline and holy specializations, depending on my mood. No-nonsense Argus native who appreciates the finer things in life.

Gilberte – Was originally a blood elf prot paladin (Nealie).  Tanked Karazhan ONCE back in the day! Holy mostly right now. She writes romance novels. Excessively.


Rhianon in Shattrath

A leveling Rhianon visits Shattrath City.



My Rift sub is somewhat up in the air right now as I don’t play it very much, but do enjoy it when I’m in the mood.

Sherwoode – Mathosian Cleric who alternates between tanking and support healing.  Still leveling her when I’m not in the mood to play WoW!

Andriona – A  retired Defiant mage who was supposed to be a chloromancer healer type but ended up getting pigeonholed into alternating between Archon (debuffer) and Pyro damage-dealing.  Do not like.


Gooseberry – Hobbit minstrel who is stuck in the Trollshaws. Such a pretty game but I really struggle getting into it these days.

Single Player/Off-Line Games

Don’t play these as much, but occasionally I’ll load up Steam and launch one.

The Sims 3

Casual Games (time management, hidden object)

I am the Queen of Time Management Games. I somehow excel at micromanaging a hundred different tasks at once.  I play these games pretty regularly, usually on my iPad  when I’m relaxing in bed.  Right now, I’m working on Mystery Case Files: The 13th Skull.

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