The Hero’s Reward, Interrupted

That night, after dragons had been slain and most of the other Meddlers had trailed off to home, Rhianon sat on the wall overlooking the Stormwind Dock, legs dangling over the edge. Behind her, Quincy, her purple-skinned elekk, nestled in a pile of apples, sorting through the fruit with his trunk, munching on selected mouthfuls. Before her, the black expanse of ocean stretched out into the horizon, its rippling surface pricked every so often with the flickering reflection of the city’s lights.


Rhianon groaned. “I can’t even really wear something nice for that; it’ll just get ruined. How am I supposed to look my best?”

She pursed her lips, shaking her head. “No, no, if that’s what he wants to do, that’s fine with me. Anyway, jogging can be nice in its own way — lots of fresh air, sights to see. Don’t you think so, Quincy?”

The elekk crunched down on an apple and grunted.

Rhianon sighed. “You know, I’m sure Daevra’s still giggling about how I acted like a Marsh walker caught off balance. She’s right though. Dolraan deserves a real reward. Although it’s a little embarrassing that she had to point that to me, considering she’s younger and supposed to be less experienced.” She reached down to touch the sapphire hanging around her neck. “It’s not that it didn’t cross my mind. I guess I just got a little overwhelmed. You have to admit, Quincy, this necklace is perfect.”

“But I don’t know why I had to go off and say all those silly things about the cat at the end there!” The shaman groaned and drew her legs up to her chest. “Now I’m sure he’s reconsidering since who wants to go jogging with the crazy cat lady? I just can’t help it, Quincy. I get comfortable and I start saying things and I don’t think that maybe normal people don’t go on about what cats or dogs or foxes or elekks might be thinking.”

Quincy trumpeted at Rhianon and she laughed. “Of course it’s important what elekks are thinking. It’s just…it’s just…” She sighed again. “I don’t want him thinking I’m some sort of weirdo.”

The elekk grunted again, poking Rhianon’s side with his trunk. She grinned. “So, you want to know if he’s going to get his reward? You think I’m going to tell you so you can run off and tell everyone in the Meddlers and Darlain can start selling tickets?” The shaman giggled. “I’m sure you’ll hear all about it, Quincy. You’ll just have to be patient.”

She then hopped off the side of the wall back onto the street and started heading towards the Canal District. “I’m going to get some rest now. Don’t eat too many apples; you’ll get sick!”

Quincy thundered in her direction and then dove back into his pile of apples so he could properly enjoy the rest of the night.

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