My Gaming Zone

I caught the Breakfast Topic on WoW Insider yesterday about what your gaming zone looks like — and here’s mine!

No Tennis ball for you, Miss Juliet!

I originally only had the really big monitor until a few months ago when I appropriated an old monitor from storage, so now I watch youtube videos during trash pulls! I love my desk – it’s an art deco style with glass and lots of little drawers in the pull-out to keep things like my authenticator. The computer was built by my husband, but I did select the case. It was really the only case I liked – black/dark colors are so yesterday!

The bright blue keyed keyboard is my pride and joy though. My husband got it for me during Christmas because he was sick of replacing my keyboards every 6 months. It uses mechanical switches and is guaranteed for up to 2 million key depressions (perhaps more!). It makes a very loud clacky noise when I type. I am apparently really rough on keyboards…

The pretty poochie in the picture is Miss Juliet, who is trying to get her tennis ball back. She is usually good and doesn’t mess with my desk during raids, but sometimes she will jump up to get attention and push the keyboard tray in.

You can also see Hamlet’s e-collar to the side of the picture. I haven’t thrown it out yet since we’re still in flea season…

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