A collection of stories detailing the ongoing saga of Rhianon, Draenei Shaman

Burning Crusade

No Tears for a Broken

We Find You Wanting

Wrath of the Lich King

A Final Lesson

The Space Between

Tobias Skythorne the Third

A Whisper from the Past

Spirit Totem

Dacianna’s Dream

For What Goes Unsaid



Falling Short of Heaven




An Uncommon Proposal

Beautiful Release

The Adornment of Rhianon

The Fragile Line

The ‘ook Up

An Old, Dear Friend

The Hero’s Reward, Interrupted

It Gets Better than This?

Until the Shadows Disappear

Serving Up Humble Pie

More than Healing

Shaved Ice (Stone)

Little Bakery Shop of Horrors

At the End of the World


Rhianon, as commissioned from Dekraus

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